Penis Enlargement Surgery and Its Cost

penis enlargement surgery cost

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Penis size is a sensitive subject for most men. Pills, injections, traction machines, and surgical procedures are frequently used for those men who want bigger penises. Some are more successful than others. Some operations, in particular surgery, may have a significantly higher chance of causing significant harm than any perceived advantages.

Common anxiety among many men is penis size. This has surely led to many penis enlargement firms that can help men achieve their desired penis size. But, the main argument going on among people these days is the penis enlargement surgery cost. The procedure will indeed cost you a lot, but it’s worth it if you are not happy with your penis size. This guide will talk about all the basics regarding penis size enlargement, the cost, and many more. So, stay tuned as we surf through.

What affects penis enlargement surgery cost?

Before understanding the exact cost of penis enlargement, it’s good we talk about what affects penis enlargement surgery cost. The surgery cost is affected by many things. As such, it varies a lot from one provider to another and also depends on other factors stated below:

  1. Penis enlargement type
    Of course, surgery will be more expensive than non-surgery. However, this all depends on the enlargement type you want.
  2. Provider
    The cost of penis enlargement surgery is usually greater for a certified and more experienced surgeon or a renowned business. But, the results are worth it. There is no need to save money while you risk your life going to an inexperienced surgeon.
  3. The operation performed If the operation performed won’t make your recover faster, you will have to pay more money. Recovery from penis enlargement surgery will vary depending on the type of operation performed. Prescriptions, follow-ups, compression apparel, and income may all be required in the recovery process.

What does the penis enlargement surgery cost include?

So, what exactly do you pay for? When it comes to comprehending what the cost will be used, ensure you understand why you are undergoing the process first. Before going for surgery, a person may want to understand what these costs cover.

The surgeon’s fee, which includes the time it takes him to perform the penis enlargement therapy, is generally what comes to mind when people hear ‘cost.’ It’s similar to your surgeon’s hourly fee. It’s good to keep in mind that your surgeon has overhead expenses such as office rent, professional insurance, staff payroll, and medical supplies, as well as their own salary.

The costs of penis enlargement will keep on rising as other things are added—non-medical staff in the room and equipment and materials used. The cost of penile enlargement surgery may be offset by the medical insurance that you’ll obtain. The surgeon’s fee, medications are taken before, during, and after your operation like sedatives, antibiotics, painkillers.

How much does penis enlargement surgery cost?

It’s quite difficult to determine the exact value of surgery, but the cost mainly depends on the method you go with. These procedure cost estimates include everything the fees cover, except for your personal costs.

  • The surgery cost varies between $5,000 and $15,000.
  •  The cost may be high or low depending on the process chosen, for instance, widening or lengthening.
  • The method employed will make the cost vary too
  • The surgeon you pick has a huge influence on the cost.

Depending on the surgery selected (lengthening, liposuction widening, or any combination of these), the techniques employed, and the surgeon, the overall costs for this operation range from $5,000 to $15,000. These are just some of the expenses that will be charged if you choose to have this surgery. If you have several procedures done simultaneously, it’s reasonable to anticipate that the expenses will be higher.

Can insurance cover the penis enlargement surgery cost?

Cosmetic surgery entails procedures for enhancing the look and self-esteem of typical structures. While reconstructional surgery entails procedures carried out on our body structures caused by genetic abnormalities, sickness, trauma, developmental anomalies, or infection.

To simply put, insurance will not cover cosmetic treatments. Reconstructive surgery may be an option. Hybrid procedures with aesthetic and functional advantages are possible, but they depend on the procedure and applicant. To keep it simple: your penis enlargement is not going to be paid for.

Does penis enlargement surgery work? Is it dangerous?

Dissatisfaction with the size of the genitals can affect a man’s sexuality and have negative psychological consequences. The average size of the penis is 13 cm (in an erect state). This size is considered normal. Despite the normal length of the penis, many men have an exaggerated idea of normal size, and this assumption has raised interest in various interventions that claim to increase the length or girth of the penis.

What are the methods of enlarging the penis?

The onset of the sexual revolution has forced us to rethink the way we study the human body, and some progress has already been made in studying and understanding the functioning of the male penis. Today, penis enlargement is very possible since the world is evolving faster as well as with technology. Methods of penis enlargement are many. Several options are available that can increase the length or girth of the penis; some of them are described below:

Non-surgical methods

The manual method is the same bodybuilding but aimed at a specific part of the body which is the penis. When we want to shape an athletic figure, we go to the gym and work purposefully under the guidance of a coach. In relation to the penis, we can pointlessly stretch and crush the penis, but will we achieve the result in this way?

Vacuum method

This is a non-surgical method, which consists of long-term gradual stretching of the organ. This method is also called the vacuum pump method.

Vacuum pumps are manual and computerized. In the latter case, the penis is placed in a tube, creating negative pressure around it. The penis lengthening program with a vacuum pump is designed for one year. For the first 16 weeks, sessions are held daily. Then – once every three days. A session lasts an average of 30 minutes.

If certain parts of the body (fingers and toes, earlobes, lips, neck, etc.) are subjected to constant stretching, then the cells of this zone begin to divide, thereby increasing the volume of this tissue.


Extenders, made of plastic and silicone, allow you to maintain traction from 900-1800 g. They are easy to use, not visible under clothing. Traction must be carried out daily, 8 hours a day, for 12-20 weeks to achieve the maximum effect.

Negative aspects of penis enlargement are painful sensations that may be observed at the beginning of using the extender; the extender is limited in patients with diabetes mellitus, liver, and blood system diseases.

The maximum penis enlargement that patients who follow all the rules have achieved is 2.5-3 cm. It should be remembered that extenders have the greatest and long-term effect after surgical lengthening of the penis if they are used in the postoperative period.

Surgical methods

There are two main types of penile enlargement surgeries: thickening the penis and releasing the supporting ligament.

Penis thickening can be done in two ways – either by transferring fat cells from other parts of the body onto the penis or by injecting fillers. Over time, the body can reabsorb filler or fat, returning the penis to its original size.

In the ligamentotomy technique (release of the supporting ligament), the ligament that holds the penis in the pubic region is surgically incised. This procedure is designed to change the angle of the penis, which can increase its length. However, with an erection, the angle of the penis will be different, and this can interfere with intercourse.

Penis enlargement involves not only lengthening it but also thickening it. It should be noted that women often pay attention not to the length but just to the thickness of the organ. Additional volume is created by the patient’s adipose tissue, which is taken from other parts of the body, undergoes special processing, and is injected into the subcutaneous space of the penis.

The name of this operation is lipofilling. This method is absolutely safe, and the operation is performed under local anesthesia. The result is up to two centimeters in diameter. The only drawback of plastic surgery is a long recovery period of up to four months. Accordingly, at this time, you will have to abandon sex completely.

What determines the result of increasing the length of the penis?

The use of a stretcher makes the effect of the intervention much more achievable. However, to obtain the best result, the relevant factors must be considered.

  • The initial length of the penis – the larger it is, the stronger the effect will be.
  • Anatomy of the phallus – its effectiveness depends on how well the stretcher is fixed.
  •  Normal hormonal background – some patients may be recommended a course of hormonal therapy.

If all recommendations are correctly followed, the result of an increased penis in males will be preserved forever.

When is penis enlargement surgery an option?

Surgery for enlarging the penis is only allowed if you have a 7.5cm penis or shorter when it’s stretched.

What are some risks and side effects associated with penis enlargement?

  • Side effects such as infection and swelling can be serious to where penis removal might be the only option.
  •  You might have erectile dysfunction.
  • Overusing the vacuum pump can destroy the penile tissue leading to weak erections.

Reasons for having a penis enlargement

At some point in time, many men wished to have larger penises. This is not a compelling reason to undergo penis enlargement surgery. However, for some, the penis size worries them, which leads to anxiety, poor self-esteem, or even depressions. For such men, increasing the flaccid length or the girth of their penis is worth the risks.

Usually, penises come in different shapes and sizes. It’s rare to find a very small penis that causes problems when urinating or having sexual intercourse. If you are suffering from the size of your penis, it’s advisable to talk to your doctor. A small penis doesn’t necessarily mean you must undergo surgery. Learn to accept your penis the way it is and don’t attach your self-worth sense to it.

But, if you have done extensive research about the risks and side effects, as well as what to expect after surgery, then you can give it a try.

As for surgical and non-surgical procedures, you may opt for a non-surgical process since it comes with few risks and side effects.

Surgery is a risky procedure that may or may not be successful. Studies of different surgical procedures to extend the penis have produced varying safety, efficacy, and patient happiness.

What to expect?

Of course, when you are about to undergo surgery, you expect good results. Penis enlargement surgery mostly goes well. The problem is the side effects and risks are quite high. You may return home following surgery after resting from the anesthetic’s effects for a few hours. Lengthening and widening of the penis can be done under general or local anesthesia. You should consult with your doctor about these alternatives. The two operations can be carried out at the same time or separately.

Pain is a normal occurrence after undergoing surgery, although it varies from person to person. To alleviate pain, your surgeon will prescribe medicines. For the non-surgical pens enlargement, the treatment is a fast-acting injectable technique. There is no need for a hospital or anesthetic. The entire procedure, from beginning to end, takes about an hour. There is pain, but ice and pain medication can help to alleviate any discomfort. The surgery may be done at the same time as your consultation, and it typically takes less than an hour to complete.

For small penis, many men have no choice but to go for surgery to enlarge it. Besides, penis enlargement becomes the only solution for those men who aren’t happy with what they already have. However, the process must be carried out from the urologist’s advice.

The Takeaway

If you’re considering a penis enlargement treatment to make your penis bigger, hopefully, this post has clarified what surgery might cost you in terms of money and time. The surgical method used to visually enlarge the size of your penis by increasing penis girth and penile length will be unique to each person.

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