VigRX Delay Wipes

  • Last longer in bed
  • Delay orgasm
  • Prolong sexual pleasure
  • Give multiple orgasms to women
  • Make sex AMAZING

It’s pretty simple. They wipe on VigRX® Delay Wipes and rub them into their penile tissue. The product is formulated with all-natural ingredients which make the penis less sensitive to stimuli.

Basically, it tells the nerves to relax and enjoy the ride. Guys last longer as a result – sometimes north of 20 minutes and they prolong their pleasure.

Save $10.00 on 1 Moth Supply
Save $61.90 on 3 Months Supply
Save $192.70 on 6 Months Supply Plus Free Global Shipping

The ‘Last Longer In Bed’ Wipe With the VigRX® Name On it!


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