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sex counselor near me

There are various sex therapists available in New Jersey that assist people with different problems. The therapists have all the required qualifications, including the highest level of education and legal licenses to perform their work. If you are having problems with your sex life, then it is better to seek professional advice. Issues related to sex might come as early as during teenage or later in middle age.

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Steps on how to find a sex counselor near me


Step 1: Ask friends

The first step when you want to find the best near you is to ask your friends about the most popular sex therapists around. They will guide you to the most qualified therapist to help solve your sex problem since they are highly skilled.

Step 2: Search online.

You can search online through the search engine and access the sexologists who offer a wide range of services. The online way helps you to get familiar with the therapists. Therefore it gives you have a clear picture of who is the best person qualified for your problem. The qualifications are shown in their profile and also the period of service.

Step 3: Reading newspapers and magazines.

Most sexologists advertise their services in newspapers. You can get complete information about their location, the service hours, and the price they charge.

What does a sex therapist do?

Sex therapists are specialist who provides sexual counseling for both men and women with sexual-related problems. It includes psychological aspects as well as physical changes. They address concerns about sexual function, sexual feelings, and intimacy. They primarily focus on married couples, teenagers who experience problems due to adolescence. In addition, they also handle sexual issues among widows who have been left by their partners and help them cope with new life.

A sex therapist can help you change your feelings towards certain things such as guilt, fear, and anger caused by sexual activities. They can be able to deal with the issues professionally according to their skills. They can help you change your attitude towards sex and marriage and how to cope with relationship issues.

How do I find a sex counselor?

It is always vital to ascertain whether a sex therapist has the appropriate credentials. Consequently, it helps you to get the best services that suit your problem. It is better to get a referral from an established sex therapy organization. Finding the best sex counselor depends on several factors such as experience, communication skills, and hours of work.

What is a sex counselor called?

A sex counselor is called a psychotherapist or a psychologist. Psychologists provide clinical care while therapists refer patients for treatment to other qualified sex counselors. They use relaxation exercises and breathing techniques to improve health and maintain positive attitudes among individuals.

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When should I see a sexologist?

You should see a sexologist when you have been experiencing sexual problems, especially if the problem persists or intensifies, which makes you feel uncomfortable at any time. If you stay with the problem for an extended period, you might experience the effects of the problem. Depression and stress are some of the impacts that may be a result of sexual issues.

If you are considering seeing a sexologist, make sure that you have all the information about them. You should consider the work background, training, and certification so that you can get the best results. Not all sexologists have similar views on sexuality. Therefore, you should prepare enough before seeking advice.

Ten Sex Counselors near New Jersey

If you are in New Jersey, you can find a vast number of sex counselors near me. The following is the list of qualified and licensed sex therapists.

1. Johanna E Bridges

Johanna is a qualified sex therapist located in Greensboro, New Jersey, with a license in the business. She has been helping people for 22 years in New Jersey. She offers a wide variety of services to all people who suffer sexual problems regardless of age. Some of the difficulties include divorce, domestic violence, mood swings, infertility, etc. She charges an affordable price per session, ranging from $ 135 to $185.

2. Leora Perlman

Leora is located at Montclair in New Jersey. He helps people to solve sexual problems so that they be able to live a better life. He addresses issues that concern depression that is caused by sexual problems in relationships. Leora mainly deals with clients 65 years and above, adults and teens who suffer from sexual issues. He is always available during the weekdays and provides his services at affordable prices that people can quickly pay.

3. Tracey Post

Tracey is located at Nassau Street in New Jersey. She uses various approaches to deal with different clients. Some of the sexual problems she addresses are relationship issues and trauma resulting from the death of a spouse. Most of her clients are adults and teens who experience different types of sex issues. People who want to approach her can use the contact (+609) 207-7158 so that you can make arrangements for a session.

4. Kimberly A. Ludwigsen

Kimberly is a licensed sex counselor who helps individuals and couples to cope up with sexual-related issues. She guides people who have a negative attitude towards their sexuality and helps them not to judge themselves. It makes them view sex in a different angle like other people. You can find her at Cherry Hill in New Jersey for any consultations about your sexual problems.

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5. Greg R Ieraci

Greg is a qualified sex therapist situated at Teaneck in New Jersey, and he has been offering a large number of services to individuals. He provides treatment to married couples and teenagers who suffer sexual problems due to adolescence. Some of the standard services offered include the inability to erect, the trouble of reaching orgasm, and premature ejaculation.

6. Lori Sequeira

Lori is a sexual therapist near me. She has been offering advice to people who suffer from sexual satisfaction for almost 22 years. Having a license in sexology also helps individuals who suffer peer relationships, stress, and substance use. Some people suffer from premature ejaculation due to using drugs, and therefore she helps them with the situation. You can find her at Somerville, New Jersey, during the weekdays to get the best solution.

7. Kathryn Hall

She is a verified psychologist located at Nassau Street in New Jersey. She specializes in the treatment of sexual and relationship problems that affect individuals. Sexual satisfaction and other sexual issues caused by changes in moods and hormones are issues she addresses. You can always reach her through the number ( 609) 207-7485 when you need the best services concerning your problems.

8. Nina Williams

Nina is a licensed psychologist located in Somerset, New Jersey, and she offers affordable prices to clients. The services provided include problems that result due to bisexuality and lesbianism among individuals. She deals with stigmatization from other people who view bisexuality as a bad thing in society. When you consult her, you will be sure that you will solve your problem since she has a long work experience in sexuality.

9. Israel Martinez

He is a certified sex therapist and a trained relationship therapist offering a wide variety of services at Montclair, NJ. Having over 15 years of work experience, Israel provides the best services, including divorce, sexual anxiety, and peer counseling. You can reach him through the number (73) 587-8475 so that you can book a session to address your issue.

10. Kristine Aguilar

Kristine is licensed in Ewing, New Jersey, having qualified from the University of Rutgers. She works primarily with adolescents and adults who experience sexual problems. Teenagers who have issues with their sexuality can consult her through (609) 806-5293 to get assistance. She has been providing services for almost 12 years and has helped individuals cope with complex sexual problems.

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Ten Sex Counselors Near New York

Choosing the best sex counselor in your area can be pretty challenging. You can find more sex counselors near me when you are located in New York. They offer different sexual counseling services to all types of clients.

a. Madison Liddle

She is a qualified sex counselor in New York, and she offers online sexual services to her clients. She helps clients heal from sexual problems by using the collaboration approach. Clients are involved in the discussion equally, thus making them express their concerns precisely. Having graduated from Columbia University, she offers a wide range of services, including women’s sexuality, a trauma in relationships, and lesbian-related problems. People who want to access her services can reach her at (332) 334-9138 for consultation.

b. Amy Rosenberg

Amy is the Co-director of the program in Human sexuality in New York, and she has been offering sex counseling for an extended period. She has a license to perform her job, therefore, offering the best sexual assistance among individuals. She deals with issues that involve infertility, divorce, and sexual abuse among individuals. You can book a session with her and get to solve your problems that relate to sexuality. She helps individuals cope with life after sex assault, and she advises them to always stay positive in life.

c. Rebecca Ross

Rebecca is a sex counselor committed to offering honest and transparent services to people around 116 West 23rd Street in New York. She provides services such as counseling on the loss of sexual desire, sexual identity, and abnormal sexual behaviors. She has been offering counseling services for almost 13 years at affordable prices per session.

d. Sarah Levinson

She is located at 18 East 16th Street in New York, offering to counsel on issues concerning relationship communication in couples ad non-monogamy practices. Sarah helps individuals to shape their thoughts and feelings towards sex. She uses a creative and empathic approach to counsel clients during the sessions. Her work experience has saved most people from suffering adverse effects of sexual-related issues. You can always reach her through (646) 941-5998 to book your session with her and solve your problems.

e. John Marchini

He offers online sex counseling to adults of all genders to help them cope with life. The online method makes clients access him across the world since it is more convenient. He uses different treatment modalities to ensure that clients get the best solutions. He is located at 113 University Place in New York, and he has work experience of 15 years.

f. Tzlil Hertzberg

She offers the best online therapy to clients from New York. Being a qualified counselor, she uses unique approaches to deal with complex sexual health and relationship matters. Some of the problems she deals with include anger management in relationships, divorce, and family conflict. You can reach her through the number (917) 810-2359 to book your session at an affordable price.

g. Carlo A Borea

Borea is located in Astoria, New York, and mainly deals with sexual problems affecting individuals in relationships. He addresses the issue of sexual satisfaction among couples so that they can live happy life. Creating stronger bonds in relationships reducing sexual dysfunctions can help people live positive lives.

h. Huilin Lai

She offers the most effective online sex counseling to clients from New York. You can contact her if you are struggling with relationship difficulties, sexuality concerns, and losses of loved ones. She deals with families, couples, and cultural groups who experience sexual problems. She uses a personal approach to involve clients in the discussion forums so that they can feel appreciated.

i. Helen Leff

Helen assists clients by using the online method, thus making it convenient for clients to access the sessions. She is located at 633 Third Avenue in New York, offering to counsel on sexual functioning and satisfaction among couples. Helen can provide the best advice on improving sexuality, and she can also refer you to the best doctors to solve your problem. She has been helping adults and elders who are above the age of 65 years for 38 years.

j. Jodi A Karp

Jordi is another sex counselor near me in New York. She is a licensed professional offering the best services to clients suffering from infertility, divorce, and depression. She deals with clients over 65 years, adults, and teens who suffer sexual problems due to adolescence. In addition, she can deal with sexual issues that affect particular groups in the community. You can easily access her services through the number (646) 600-8277.


Most individuals experience so many types of sexual problems that affect their daily lives. It is better to consult the various sex counselors within your area to get a solution to your situation so that you can live a healthy life. You can find the most qualified psychologists in New York and New Jersey who have different approaches to solving sexual problems.




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