What To Do When Your Man Can’t Get It Up

what to do when your man can't get it up

You are in bed with your husband or boyfriend, you have performed all your sexiest moves. You look fantastic and smell great. After you head down south, you come to a harsh realization that his manhood is about as erect as a noodle that has been grown against the wall to find out if it is cooked. So what on earth are you supposed to do or say? You would love the man to enjoy sex together with you. You want to turn him on but all your efforts are bearing no fruits.

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One thing you are supposed to be very aware of is that the man is aware of what exactly is going on down his manhood. Honestly, that’s most of this problem. One of the few challenges that frustrate men is their inability to perform in bed. With the increased advancement in technology and introduction n of new treatment appliances, it is possible to reverse erectile dysfunction if both the doctor and the patient play their parts appropriately. With the capability for the treatment of the disorder, no man should worry about poor performance in bed or any related troubles.

If your man is not able to get up when you are making love with your loved one, it could feel incredibly difficult. This situation is both emotionally testing and physically frustrating. The situation is likely to put you in a dilemma – are you doing something wrong or is your man not attracted to you or not. However, the truth is there are other probable reasons why your man can’t get hard.

In such a circumstance, the good news is that there are some easy and quick things you could do to help the man get up.

When Is It Normal When Your Man can’t get it up?

There are some physical causes of erection problems and they are normally with aged men. These causes erupt as a result of disorders that likely affect the nerves and the blood vessels that are responsible for bringing an erection. The physical causes of erectile dysfunction include medical complications such as; heart disease, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), diabetes, Parkinson’s’ disease, high cholesterol, and obesity. Others include multiple sclerosis, kidney or liver disease Peyronie’s disease, and alcoholism.

Here are some other physical causes;

  •  Substance abuse.
  • Long-term usage of tobacco products.
  • Treatment for prostate complications.
  • Use of certain medications, which include muscle relaxers, diuretics, and beta-blockers.
  • Congenital genital complications.

Psychological causes

Emotional issues with the power to distract a man no matter their age from getting aroused include;

  • Worrying over being unable to achieve or maintain an erection for long.
  • Prolonged emotional ache related to economic social or professional issues.
  • Relationship conflicts.
  • Depression

When is It Abnormal Your Man Can’t Get it up?

There are very many reasons why a man might lose interest in sex. It is also possible for two reasons that bring about erectile dysfunction to be in operation at a go. It is not abnormal when your man can’t get up, but it is if this affects their sex life. Therefore, when failure to experience sexual desires affects how often you have sex with your partner, you are encouraged to seek medical attention fast because this is one of the signs of erectile dysfunction.

When choosing the doctor to visit, you are supposed to ensure that they are qualified and are aware of how to handle manhood cases. While conversing with the doctor, you are recommended to speak the whole truth to ensure that they have an easy time knowing what might be the problem or where the problem might be.

What are the Temporary Causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

Having temporary erectile dysfunction is not always a reason for alarm. Most men always experience erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives. The number of things that can bring about temporary erectile dysfunction is so many. Performance anxiety and nervousness are some psychological causes of temporary erectile dysfunction. One of the best treatments recommended by most experts you could use to curb temporary erectile dysfunction is targeting the psychological causes.

Temporary erectile dysfunction is likely to be brought about by the following;

  • Poor diets.
  • Smoking.
  • Physical inactivity.
  • being obese or overweight. Nitrogen oxide (NO) is one of the crucial molecules one requires for them to get a stable reaction.

Diagnosing Temporary Erectile Dysfunction

It is normal to experience occasional erectile dysfunction. However, the temporary erectile dysfunction might become a point of concern if it causes regular disturbance to your sex life.

One of the finest ways you could use to find out the underlying cause of your erectile dysfunction is to schedule a visit to your doctor. The doctors can diagnose what might have caused the erectile dysfunction by going through your medical and sexual history and inquiring to know more about psychological stress and substance use.

If you still experience erectile in the morning when you have woken up, what might be causing your erectile dysfunction can probably be more psychological rather than a physical problem. There might be more than a single cause of erectile dysfunction happening in your body at the same time. Your doctor will also ask you to carry out your blood tests or give you a physical examination to rule out the damage of the nerves or any other conditions.

Treating Temporary Erectile Dysfunction

With proper treatment, erectile dysfunction is always going to improve. According to a study done in 2014, out of 810 followed men, 29% of them that suffered from erectile dysfunction have improved symptoms after a period of 5 years.

Among the potential treatment options for temporary erectile dysfunction include;

  • Taking the required medication. Among the first-line treatment medication for erectile dysfunction is oral medications.
  • Quitting smoking habits. Smoking brings about damage to your blood vessels and reduces the amount of blood that flows to your penis.
  • Reducing the consumption of alcohol. Heavy consumption of alcoholic products can bring about erectile dysfunction. In this scenario, erectile dysfunction might get better if you lower the amount of alcohol you consume.
  • Improving your diet. According to research, 79 percent of people suffering from erectile dysfunction have a body mass index that is greater than 25. By consuming a healthy diet, you are capable of losing weight and improving your erectile dysfunction conditions.
  • Regular exercising. According to a published review, 160 minutes of strict weekly exercise going on for 6 months can help decrease erectile dysfunction that is caused by cardiovascular disorders, metabolic syndrome, insufficient physical activities, obesity, and hypertension.
  • Taking supplements. You are supposed to identify the supplements that reduce the symptoms of erectile dysfunction if you want to win in the battle against this disease. Some of these supplements include Panax ginseng, Yohimbe, L-arginine, and Rhodiola Rosea.

What are the Permanent Causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

When erectile dysfunction is caused by certain physical problems, it can be difficult to reverse it. Some of the conditions such as spinal cord injuries, diabetes, and multiple sclerosis might affect the nerves that have direct contact with the penis hence affecting it.

However, there is a treatment for permanent erectile disorders patients. While the total curing of the disease might be a big deal, by using the right treatment, you can reduce or eliminate the symptoms of the disorder. Additionally, some of the causes are simpler to cure than others. With the best treatment, the disease can leave even without the need to swallow oral drugs such as Viagra.

The permanent causes of erectile dysfunction include;

  • Heart disease
  • clogged vessels of the blood (atherosclerosis)
  • High cholesterol amounts
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Metabolic syndrome- a certain condition that involves increased blood pressure, high cholesterol and body fat around the waist, and high insulin levels.
  • Parkinson’s disease

How to Deal with Temporary Causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

The first steps in the treatment of erectile dysfunction are taking good care of your vascular health and also heart. Your doctor is supposed to point out the risk factors that can either be changed or improved.

Additionally, you may begin watching certain food habits, stop the consumption of alcohol and other drugs, increase your workout, and quit smoking. There are alternatives to the drugs that you were taking and might be offered to you. You are discouraged from stopping or changing prescription drugs without first consulting your health care provider.

Your health care provider can also suggest the treatment of emotional problems. The emotional problems might be stemming from life’s stressors, anxiety and depression from the previous problems with erectile dysfunction, and relationship conflicts.

Here are some of the solutions that might be offered to erectile dysfunction problems;

  • Use of penile implants.
  • Vacuum erection gadgets.
  • Intraurethral medication (Alprostadil, UI)
  • going for the penile injections (intracavernosal Alprostadil, ICI)
  • Surgery for bypassing the penile artery damage is associated with some young men that have a history of severe pelvic trauma. Penile vascular surgeries are discouraged for aged men whose arteries might be harder. While going through the recovery journey, you are encouraged to be patient and ensure that you switch your mentality to the positivity of recovering fully from the disorder. If you do not believe and trust that you will fully recover from erectile dysfunction, all other things you will be doing for recovery such as the use of medicines will not be effective. A positive mentality is the first step in ensuring you achieve and complete your erectile dysfunction recovery journey.

How to Deal with Permanent Causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

A man can recover from erectile dysfunction if he goes through the whole journey wholeheartedly. Typically, a man suffers from erectile dysfunctions for a short period and as long as the main focus is pushing through this problem by ensuring a change in lifestyle and strong support from close family members and friends.

Among the clinical ways to get rid of the disease include;

  • Pills known as phosphodiesterase type-5 inhibitors and oral drugs are often prescribed in the United States for erectile dysfunction (Cialis, Levitra, Viagra, and Stendra)
  • Going for testosterone therapy (here, low testosterone is detected through testing of blood)
  • Going for penile injections from qualified and professional doctors.

Erection Problems in Young Men

Men who range between 20-30 years are likely to experience erectile dysfunction as well. The numbers depict that erectile dysfunction in young men happens more often than how they were previously reported.

Back in 2013, According to reports from the Journal of Sexual Medicine, 26% of the men who range between 17 to 40 experience hardships having an erection. These, therefore, bring about a range from moderate to extreme. According to research, erection problems experienced in young men have a lot to do with how they live and their state of mental health. Additionally, younger men were reported to use more drugs, tobacco, and alcohol than older men. Some of the studies also suggest that the erection dysfunction in young men is likely to stem from depression or anxiety.

Diagnosing Erection Disabilities

A doctor might order several tests to determine what might have caused your erection problem. Among these tests include;

  • Complete blood count. This is a special type of set of tests used for checking for low red blood cells count.
  • Hormone profile. This test measures the level of male sex hormones prolactin and testosterone.
  • Nocturnal penile tumescence. This test determines whether you experience erection functions when you are asleep.
  • Duplex ultrasound. This test works by the use of high-frequency sound waves to capture the pictures of the tissues of the body.
  • Urinalysis. This test measures the testosterone and protein level in your urine.

Once the doctor has determined the cause of your erection problem, you will be provided with appropriate treatment.

Treating the Erection Problems

The severity of erectile dysfunction is frequently graded on a point that has triple scales; mild, moderate, and extreme. Extreme erectile dysfunction can also be called complete erectile dysfunction. Identifying where your erectile dysfunction falls on the scale is the first step of having your erectile dysfunction treated.

Some of the options that can be applied for treating erection problems include;

  • Medication that is injected in the urethra includes alprostadil.
  • Medication that is injected in the corpus cavernosum in the penis includes alprostadil (Ejex, Caverject).
  • Consumption of the oral medication that includes tadalafil (Cialis) and sildenafil (Viagra).
  • Use of vacuum devices in treatment.
  • Surgery, such as penile implant surgery.

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Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle choices contribute a lot to many of the known physical causes of erection problems. Among the lifestyle changes consider the following;

  •  stopping the use of tobacco.
  • drinking little amounts of alcohol.
  • Ensuring that they get plenty of rest.
  • Exercising the body regularly.
  • Have open conversations with your partner concerning sexual issues.
  • Eating a healthy diet

If the lifestyle changes you have decided to stop and no signs of reduction of the symptoms are appearing, we recommend that you contact a doctor to analyze and find out the root cause of erectile dysfunction in your body.

Among the parts of the body, the doctor is going to examine include the prostate, rectum, and penis. Additionally, the doctor will also check the functioning of your nervous system. The doctor will also inquire to know when you started experiencing the symptoms and whether you are experiencing any current health complications.

Probable Complications

The complications associated with erection problems and can affect your quality of life because of their significance. Among other things you are likely to experience if you are experiencing erection problems include;

  • Anxiety or stress.
  • Low self-esteem.
  • Problems with your relationship.
  • You might also experience some kind of dissatisfaction with your current sex life.

When to Invite Your Doctor

We recommend that you call a doctor once you experience erection problems that keep getting worse as time goes. Additionally, calling a doctor or scheduling an appointment can also take place when your erection problems;

  • worsen or develop after experiencing an injury or prostate surgery.
  • occur alongside stomach pain or lower back pain.
  • You trust that the new medication you might be taking is bringing about the problem.

We recommend to keep on consuming your medication even if you think that it might be the cause of your erectile dysfunction until further instructions from the doctor.

Preventing the Occurrence of Erection Problems

Among the things that prevent erectile dysfunction is healthy lifestyle behaviors, for instance, regular exercise and consuming a healthy diet.

What causes erectile dysfunction is the lack of blood flow, therefore, you should emphasize more on circulatory health. Exercise is one of the common ways you could use to ensure blood is flowing in the right way. Among the cardio-based exercises we recommend using to ensure that blood flows include;

  • running
  • swimming
  • biking
  • Aerobics

Staying away from unhealthy fats, large amounts of salt, and excess sugar is important. Chronic health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes are also aspects that bring erection problems. The prescriptions of medications a doctor issues to your to treat the conditions might also be the cause. Asking your doctor to elaborate to you more about the chronic conditions and tell you the most appropriate prevention methods will also assist in reducing the pain brought about by erectile dysfunction.

Additionally, the treatment for substance abuse can also assist in avoiding erection problems that are brought about by issues such as alcohol and other drugs. Mental health check-ups and treatment can aid you in avoiding erection problems that result from psychological issues and stress.

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Erection dysfunction is a common disorder and is not selective on the age of men it strikes. Therefore, before you have noted that the disease is too deep for sexologists to deal with, we encourage you to visit a doctor regularly to examine your sex organs and also ensure that your lifestyle is healthy.

Additionally, one should seek medical attention when he can still note the disease is still noticeable and symptoms are not severe. The reason why most cases end upbringing headaches to the doctors in the late call for medical attention which allows the disorder to have enough time to settle in the body and make firm roots. The doctor you approach for your sexual health issues should be professional and dependable. The first step to ensuring that your war with erection dysfunction is going to be victorious is by seeking medical treatment from qualified personnel as soon as you find the disease symptoms in your body.

With the availability of many sources, you could use for your research to know more about erectile dysfunction and how best to curb it, more of the efforts to ensure that you have won your battle with the disease will depend if you participate wholly. Additionally, the one to benefit from efforts to fight erectile dysfunction is you, therefore we encourage you to give it your best try. Even though the doctor will have a bigger role to play, psychological issues will remain for you to deal with them alone. Having a counselor to ensure fewer psychological issues interrupt your healing process will also ensure that your recovery from the ailment is fast.

Support from close friends and family members will also ensure that a patient recovers fast because people who love him are by his side. Therefore, it is wrong to isolate erectile dysfunction patients or make them feel bad about themselves or their conditions. Attending organized seminars to ensure that erectile dysfunction patients are remembered and given hope for a successful journey to recovery will apply most when the patients have no family members or friends to look after them.

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